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Nordic Green Orchestra Guide


During the Nordic Orchestra Conference in Reykjavik in 2022, 36 Nordic orchestras joined together to sign a declaration under the title "A Future with Sustainable Culture". There was a desire to compile and elaborate on the points from the conference, in order to give the Nordic orchestras concrete and directional guidance on how they can move forward in their sustainable transition and ensure contributions to mitigating the climate crisis and that the orchestras are in line with - and perhaps even ahead of - current climate agendas.


BARC facilitated a process where, based on the minutes from the conference in 2022, we identified relevant thematic issues which were elaborated through the study of cases and research on relevant reports. In close collaboration with Bæredygtgt Kulturliv NU - who were included as sustainability experts - we were able to concretize what was for some a rather abstract topic down to a series of very concrete strategic goals and advice for both the short and long term. We were responsible for editing, layout in collaboration with graphic designers and contributed to the presentation of the guide at the Nordic Orchestra Conference 2023 in Helsinki.

Download the guide here.

Nordic Orchestra Conference

Customer says

"We are extremely happy to be able to present a guide that supports the orchestras' work with the green transition. The ensembles and orchestras really want to contribute to reducing the climate challenges, but it can be difficult for them to know how best to approach it - this guide can help them with that.

Asbjørn Keiding

Director, DEOO - Danske Ensembler, Orkestre og Operainstitutioner

In collaboration with: Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, DEOO, Danske Kulturbestyrelser

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