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What is BARC Scandinavia?

BARC stands for Business of Art and Culture. We share knowledge and advise actors in cultural life so that they are better able to combine cultural integrity with business acumen from a holistic view of digitalisation, business development and communication.

Our ambition is to work across the cultural sector and give our customers and members freedom of action - with an eye for the best cases on the international market. We see a tendency towards the accumulation of knowledge in reports, which in isolation is positive, but sometimes the development has changed before the report is finished. Perhaps it is time to test and implement the recommendations - to create space for testing solutions and executing the knowledge that is available and which have been tested elsewhere in the world.

BARC is intended as a sector support organization. We choose to focus on methods, goals and challenges that are transverse for the cultural sector. We were originally created in collaboration with the British Association for Cultural Enterprise (ACE), which for 40 years has aimed to develop sustainable operations for institutions such as the Tate, British Museum & National Gallery. The English recipe for successful digitalization, business development and audience relevance has been knowledge sharing and education across the cultural sector.

We are the best in Scandinavia when it comes to partnerships and we have created the "Relevansdesign" method, which outlines the transformative partnerships of the future - also in the field of culture. Under the auspices of partnerships, licenses and product development, we are a corporate database of +100 business contacts with whom we matchmake into the cultural sector. We are passionate about art, culture and public education and expect relevant, intuitive and implementable solutions - also from ourselves. And we are an effective partner and channel - with a monthly newsletter with +1,500 cultural professional subscribers and an opening rate of 49%. We are also partners with Permild & Rosengreen, Denmark's oldest poster shop, on the online store Art Shop Scandinavia, which provides print on demand images and posters from the Nordic cultural sector.

We run a Scandinavian member network for +60 cultural actors; a network for the entire organization - not just for the management - and our goal is to give members new knowledge, inspiration and insights by gathering, communicating and implementing solutions across the sector. We collect and distribute knowledge through ten annual webinars with leading international specialists, four masterclasses and two conferences, including Scandinavia's largest cultural conference, Kulturkraft, which we produce in a strong partnership with Kulturmonitor and the Confederation of Danish Industry. We collect important trends in our podcasts and share reports and publications with customers and members in our resource library here on the site and on social media.

Eva Liparova portræt

Eva Liparova

Digital transformation & data management

Associeret partner

Christian Goldbach portræt

Christian Goldbach

Content, partnerskaber og forretningsudvikling

Seniorkonsulent & parner

Frida Mølgård

Frida Mølgård

Kommunikation, medlemsnetværk


Thore Davies portræt_foto Farzad Soleimani

Thore Davies

Community, forretningsudvikling og ungeindsatser

Konsulent & partner

Nana Salin portræt

Nana Salin

Uddannelse i kulturledelse, netværk i Baltikum og Skandinavien

Aalto University. Scandinavia and Baltikum

Mathilde Howitz

Mathilde Howitz

Kommunikation, medlemsnetværk


Martin Buck Hegaard portræt

Martin Buck Hegaard

Digitalisering, forretningsudvikling og kommunikation

Stifter og adm. direktør

Peter Bentzon portræt

Peter Bentzon

ESG, partnerskaber & bæredygtighed

Associeret partner


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