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Associated membership

BARC Connect på Heartland Festival 2022

- for brands, private businesses and educational institutions

An associate membership of our network is for businesses, educational institutions, etc. with an interest in knowing more about how cultural life works, as well as how collaborations between business and cultural life can be established. In addition to events that focus on new knowledge and methods for and for cultural life, under the title BARC Connect we create a series of concrete physical meetings around Denmark between business and cultural life, based on various cultural experiences, inspiring presentations and knowledge sharing and a good dose of good old-fashioned networking.

Each event is created in collaboration with a significant Danish cultural event or company, and takes place around the country. Network events have different content, but will basically contain a professional presentation/inspiration, a social element (e.g. joint dinner) and, of course, ample opportunity to experience the cultural event. There will be a user fee per participates in network events, but as an associate member you are guaranteed good prices, special benefits and a strong professional element. And of course you will get a lot of good and new acquaintances home from each event!

Invite your contacts to join

As an associate member, you are also allowed to invite guests - for example colleagues, business associates or even family. So you have the opportunity to act as "host" for your own network at our events.

Knowledge in the network

BARC Scandinavia runs Denmark's largest network for cultural actors of all sizes and types. An important part of this network is BARC's various educational offers such as (free) webinars as well as workshops, masterclasses etc. at favorable prices. As an associate member, you have access to these formats on an equal footing with BARC's other members - so if you want to take part in a webinar on behavioral design and nudging, sit in on a workshop on partnerships or delve into the concept of "community-building" at a masterclass, then that option is also there.

What does it cost?

The price of an associate membership is DKK 6,000 + VAT per year. The membership is not personal, but applies to your entire company - so your colleagues are of course welcome to participate in the activities on an equal footing with you.


If you want to know more about an associated membership, contact Managing partner in BARC Scandinavia Lars Bertolt Winther on lars @ or call +45 42 510 360.

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