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H. C. Andersen x Le Fix


© H.C. Andersens Hus

Business development and partnership


H.C. Andersens Hus wanted to connect to a target group that reflects Andersen himself as a young person - a younger demographic of young, urban creatives.

At the same time, the museum had a desire to bring lesser-known aspects of Andersen's life and works to life - and to convey Andersen through 'life processes', i.e. externally from the museum.


Copenhagen-based street fashion brand Le Fix spent a day in the museum's archives to sniff out elements that could be used in a fashion context. In the review of Andersen's many diaries, Benny Bee - founder of Le Fix - came across newspaper clippings and strange, mythical figures, which were then included in the creation of a unique collection, targeted at young, fashion-conscious Danish people, who in the future will come across the story of Andersen on a new and unexpected way - even if it may be a few years before they visit the museum.

H. C. Andersen x Le Fix

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