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Community-building and communication strategy


Godsbanen in Aarhus offers unique settings, sustainable communities and developing workspaces for artists, culture professionals and anyone else who is curious about art and culture. This does not only mean that Godsbanen must deliver to a varied target group of citizens, tenants, cultural institutions and stakeholders. This also means that most people already know Godsbanen, but do not actually know what Godsbanen actually offers. We were given the task of gathering and motivating the community and creating a communication strategy which could also act on a relevant collection of data, in order to increase the relevance for all target groups(!).


The solution was to map the ecosystem of stakeholders and differentiate the communication to each stakeholder type. We took this into account in a community playbook, which must especially align expectations with tenants and users of the building. In addition, we created a hands-on communication strategy, which at the same time acts as a data strategy for the collection of first-party data to ensure higher personalization of communication to the citizens and to ensure a stronger cluster formation internally in the house.


Customer says

"BARC has mapped our ecosystem of guests and stakeholders and created a strong and vibrant strategy for Godsbanen. They have challenged us in the process with a rigorous approach to our strategy - and in the end found a really nice balance between a visionary and very concrete communication strategy, which makes it simple and operational to work towards our goals. We can highly recommend the BARC team."

Marianne Grymer Bargeman

CEO, Godsbanen

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