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International cultural conference in Copenhagen


In autumn 2020, there was a consensus among the online media Kulturmonitor, Dansk Industri and BARC Scandinavia about the need to raise the bar for cultural conferences in Denmark. In the wake of Corona, there was - in the partner's opinion - a need to look up and look abroad for inspiration and cases that could strengthen the Danish cultural sector within digitalisation, business development and communication.


By involving our international and national networks, BARC programmed - in sparring with Kulturmonitor and DI's team - a conference that brought together strong cases from all over the world and contextualized them in a Danish cultural sector. We arranged the professional programme, coordination and administration and were responsible for execution in collaboration with DI's conference team.

From year 1 in 2021, Kulturkraft was a success with +200 guests - a success that has since been consolidated and optimized into Scandinavias largest international cultural conference with guests from all over Northern Europe and the strongest Danish and international speakers and presenters.



In collaboration with: Dansk Industri - Kreative Erhverv, Dansk Industri - Turisme og Oplevsler samt Kulturmonitor

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text 

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