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American Friends of SMK


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Partnerships and communication


AFSMK - American Friends of SMK is a Danish/American charity that works in both Denmark and the USA. AFSMK needed a cross-sectional analysis and a partnership strategy that could solve a challenge in terms of level of knowledge, spread geography and concrete search for Danish partners with a foothold in the USA.


We delivered a strategy for business development in the short, medium and long term with a platform for entering into partnerships, concrete outreach, events - as well as a consolidation plan based on the intersections we found in the various geographical territories.

American Friends of SMK

Customer says

"At BARC, we received very competent advice and motivational sparring, which mapped out our scope and provided inspiration for our strategy and organization. As a manager, I have been heard and understood, but also challenged and the process has made it possible to act with greater freedom, rigor and new insights in fields that are central to AFSMK's work in the future."

Hanne Støvring

Executive Director, AFMSK

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