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Webshop, eCommerce and digital dialogue


Before the Corona pandemic hit in 2020, the Worker's Museum only sold tickets physically at the entrance. The pandemic necessitated, among other things for security reasons, a better management of the number of guests, and thus a digital ticket sale that could handle this. At the same time, the previous ticket system did not give the museum very good opportunities to draw data on their audience, such as purchase behaviour, return visits, etc., which meant that they largely communicated the same messages across segments and target groups.


On the basis of a thorough review of requirements and wishes for the solution, BARC Scandinavia delivered a recommendation to the Arbejdermuseet, which outlined a direction for scoping, development and selection of supplier for online ticket sales and webshop - both in the short term, where the resources were not for the very large investment, and in the longer term, where larger investments were possible. The recommendations took into account the Arbejdermuseet's many and complex needs, such as several discount agreements, the desire to sell tickets for events in conjunction with regular admission, opportunities for up-selling when selling tickets, the need for appointment booking, integration into existing systems, etc. The delivery also contained a number of recommendations on how the museum could better collect data, build up knowledge about users and the audience and conduct a stronger digital dialogue with the guests to ensure loyal guests and more return visits.

The Workers Museum

Customer says

"BARC Scandinavia helped us with recommendations for the development of our online ticketing solution. We experienced great responsiveness to our priorities and wishes for the solution and received some very thorough and easily accessible recommendations, which made it easy for us to work further - both short and long term, and with a view to how we strengthen our data collection and processing."​

Stine Groth Rasmussen

Head of Communications, The Worker's Museum

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