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Fri, 27 Oct



BARC [hacks]: Building a Global Brand Licensing Programme

How can you build a global brand licensing program that allows other companies to use your brand, logo and design to increase both brand reach and revenue opportunities? Len Dunne, who heads the Cambridge Museum and University's global licensing program, knows this.

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BARC [hacks]: Building a Global Brand Licensing Programme
BARC [hacks]: Building a Global Brand Licensing Programme

Time and place

27 Oct 2023, 10:00 – 11:00


About this event

This session will be in English.


Licensing a brand can be a way to generate new revenue, increased awareness, and international attention. Licensing basically means that you, within certain defined framework, give others - e.g. commercial companies - permission to use your brand and thus the story-telling or knowledge associated with it, to sell products that are more or less in continuation of your existing work.


Some of those who are really good at licensing are Cambridge Museum and University. Here, all licensing activity has been transferred to an independent company, "Fitzwilliam Museum Enterprises" (FME Ltd), from which license agreements are run on everything from art to toys to clothing and much more, all based on Cambridge's collections and works. The licenses generate revenue which are channeled back to Cambridge and help finance e.g. research and audience-oriented activities.


But how do you get started with a licensing program?Which factors must be present? Who do you need to bring on board, both internally and externally, to be an attractive license partner? And what are the do's and don'ts when you have to start licensing your brand?


Len Dunne is CEO of FME Ltd and has been a part of Cambridge's licensing journey. He will share insights and experiences in the work of creating a global and strong revenue-generating licensing program around what is the UK's largest museum cluster outside of London, with eight museums, a botanical garden and a university. But don't worry - less can do it too!


If you are curious about learning more about licensing and product development, perhaps our masterclass with Adam Thow from Kew Gardens on November 7th is also relevant for you.




BARC [hacks] is BARC Scandinavia's monthly Friday session. BARC [hacks] is dedicated to helping cultural institutions strengthen their business, digital solutions, branding and concepts. It is an initiative created to give cultural institutions tools and inspiration to be able to navigate the attention economy and the digital age and thus create more sustainable and effective strategies.


Our BARC [hacks] are rounded off with the opportunity for 30 minutes of reflection in the company of colleagues (for members only!), where in a confidential, collegial space we share concrete challenges and discuss what a possible step for each individual participant could be.


Free for members of BARC Scandinavia's member network.


NB: The webinar is being recorded and recordings will later be made available online for BARC's members.


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    Free for members of the BARC Scandinavia network. Duration of webinar approx. 60 min. After the webinar, we invite members to 30 minutes of professional and collegial sparring.

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