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Culture strengthens your competitive edge

We create value on several bottom lines.
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Our position between companies and culture

Culture has value in itself - for us, that is indisputable. But just as art and culture can reduce loneliness and promote empathy, art and culture can also strengthen the competitiveness of companies in a wide range of measurable areas.

The arts and culture sector distributes authentic content in global connectivity - directly applicable in marketing and communication. Art and culture enable companies to participate in a nuanced conversation about purpose, relevance and reputation. Art and culture create well-being and attract and retain employees. Art and culture give companies platforms in local communities.

Therefore, we work methodically and goal-oriented for increased cooperation between culture and business.

At BARC, we are used to working across artists and cultural industries to create value for companies within four main areas, as shown below.


Our strategies are based on +20 years of experience in working with artists, influencers, mediators, media and cultural institutions - based on content and processes. We think in terms of ecosystems and communities and gather stakeholders around exciting conversations to create perceived relevance in all aspects of an equal, fruitful partnership.



Contact us if you are interested in hearing how we can contribute with cultural strategy and create value for your company in one of our four focus areas - or with corporate culture at the center of all four.






People & Culture


Mental health

Int. reputation






Future scenarios

Public Affairs

Social impact

Culture as health



We have established partnerships and created content together with

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